Don’t wait hours or days to process right to work documents. Verify in minutes


Under the Migration Act, every Australian business is obligated to take “reasonable steps” at “reasonable times” to ensure all their workers have a legal right to work in the country. This can make life stressful if your business relies on skilled migrant workers.

We know manual confirmation of documents and work rights checks is a time-consuming, admin-heavy task but it doesn’t need to be. With Smart Visa Check you can verify the immigration status of thousands of your workers and confirm they have a right to work with the click of a button. It’s the protection all businesses need to ensure they’re compliant with the law.

Revolutionise the way you conduct your visa checks 

Whether you need to check your employees’ visa status once or on an ongoing basis, Smart Visa Check is an automated visa checking service. It will give you the peace of mind you need to make sure your business is 100% compliant with the law.

The benefits

img1 Goodbye to manual visa (VEVO) checks – our software streamlines right to work checks with the click of a button.
img1 Set and forget – leave the stress of remembering visa expiry dates behind – Smart Visa Check automates the monitoring of visas and notifies you well in advance when they need to be rechecked.
img1 Visa code interpretation – don’t guess which visa code and subclass you are interpreting. Our smart software defines in easy-to-read language each of the visa codes and any applicable conditions / work restrictions.
img1 Audit and record-keeping obligations – stay on the right side of the law with all your data stored securely in one place.
img1 Enhance employee experience– whether you have one or one thousand employees, Smart Visa Check allows you to easily verify your employees’ work visa status and manage their work rights all in one place.
img1 Be compliant– since the introduction of Single Touch Payroll and other data sharing programs, The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) can cross-check its records with information from the Australian Tax Office to determine if employees have a legal right. It’s best to avoid a visit from the DHA and just be compliant.
img1 Cost-effective solution – for every unique check, you’ll be charged just $3 + GST per month!* Have a large workforce? Let’s talk.

* While Australian residents and citizens only require an initial one-off check at the recruitment and onboarding stage, it’s imperative that visa holders are verified on a regular basis.

Why? The personal circumstances of workers with a visa can and do change, which can impact the validity of their visas and your business being compliant. That’s why it’s so important that businesses conduct regular visa checks. While businesses have the choice to automatically check visas weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly, we recommend that businesses conduct a monthly check.

So how does pricing work? It’s simple.

Pricing is capped at $3 per unique check per month – this means if you check the same employee twice within the same month, you’ll only be charged $3 for that one employee for that month.

Find out more

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